What's Poppin' in Cincy: Visiting Handzy Shop + Studio, The Cutest Shop in Town

At the core of our mission with Popcorn The Queen City Piggy, it’s all about building and belonging in a community. It’s about bringing people together, and what better way to do that than to tour the wonderful and creative city of Cincinnati that Popcorn reigns in? We are so thrilled to be unrolling our newest blog series, “What’s Poppin’ in Cincy? ”, which features Popcorn visiting his favorite people, places, and businesses in the greater Cincinnati area.

Are you ready? Let’s do this.

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For our very first feature, we just knew it had to be the rad, witty, and creative Handzy Shop + Studio, owned by besties Suzy and Brittney. I first came across Handzy on Instagram [@handzyshopstudio] and instantly felt inspired by their bright and sunny curated goods. Try and tell me their Insta game isn’t strong!? And if you think their social media is fun, wait until you visit their shop.

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Brittney and Suzy met on the first day of class of Sophomore year while studying Graphic Design together at University of Cincinnati (DAAP) and instantly became BFFs over their shared love for One Direction. All through school, they joked and dreamed about ditching the corporate world and owning their own cute shop together.

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Well, they obviously talked so much about this that they manifested it into reality! They worked out of a super small warehouse studio for their first year in business together with the goal (that they thought would be far off) to open a shop. One day, Brittney walked past an empty storefront in a developing district of Covington and told Suzy to call the number in the window, thinking they’d just go to get inspired. Can you guess what happened next?

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handzy shop and studio covington ohio

Of course, the space was absolutely perfect for them so they signed a lease, moved in, and opened their shop just one month later! Just inside Handzy’s bright yellow door, you’ll find a carefully curated collection of women's clothing, lifestyle accessories, paper goods, gifts & more. In studio, Suzy and Brittney also have our own line of greeting cards that they design in-house and sell wholesale to other super cute shops around the country! Pssht, and these two told me they aren’t artists.  

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Located at 15 W. Pike St. Covington, KY 41011, Handzy Shop + Studio is definitely the cutest shop in town. And make room for Handzy to get a whole bunch cuter because in June 2019, they are expanding their shop into a larger space - right next door!