How To Give A Mini Pig A Bath

Despite popular stereotypes, pigs are not naturally dirty animals. When given enough space, they are careful not to soil in the areas that they eat and sleep. And forget the saying “sweating like a pig!”, because pigs don’t even have sweat glands! However, all mini pigs will need the occasional bath. Unfortunately, most pigs don’t enjoy their first bath because they aren’t familiar with it, so giving a mini pig a bath can take some training!

Popcorn the Mini Pig’s first bath:

Popcorn spent the first 9 weeks of his life inside a stall, so he was quite the dirty little guy, and he really needed a good scrubbing. To help make baths a pleasant experience for Popcorn, we gently introduced him to the tub by setting him inside without water each day for a few minutes at a time. We’d give him treats and gently rub the scrub brush all over his body. After he seemed fairly comfortable, we gave Popcorn his first bath with water. I had done quite a bit of research about giving a pig a bath before adopting Popcorn, so I thought I had everything ready for his first bath.

Lukewarm water - check
Bath brush - check
Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - check
Peanut butter smeared on the side - check
Manna Pro Mini Pig Treats - check

Well, Popcorn didn’t like the peanut butter smeared on the side of the tub, and completely panicked before realizing I had his favorite treats for him - we couldn’t even get to scrub brush and pig safe soap spa massage I had planned for him! He squealed the loudest I had ever heard and jumped right out. I put him back in, and again he squealed and jumped.

I realized that he was slipping in the tub, so I put a towel down to see if that would help make him more comfortable. It worked! Despite all the research I did, somehow I forgot this obviously helpful piece of advice. With the towel under his hooves, he settled right in and enjoyed his treats while I scrubbed him with a brush!

popcorn the mini pig / how to give a mini pig a bath

How to give a mini pig a bath:

  • Put a towel or nonslip mat on bottom of tub

  • Over the course of several days, place your pig in a dry tub and offer treats for several minutes at a time

  • Once your pig is comfortable with the dry tub, fill the tub with shallow lukewarm water and gently place the pig inside

  • Offer your pig treats, such as peanut butter smeared on the side of the tub, and praise your pig for good behavior

  • Pure water is usually enough to clean a pig, but you can also use a pig safe shampoo if needed

  • Scrub your pig with a brush - pigs love a good scratching and this removes dry and dead skin

  • Make sure not to get water in the pigs ears, it may be best to avoid the pigs entire face

  • When done, towel dry pig completely - pigs are easily chilled

  • Massage coconut oil on pig’s skin for added moisturizer

how to give a mini pig a bath
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