How To Potty Train A Mini Pig With A Litter Box

litter box training a mini pig

Potty training is the first skill most owners want their pig to learn. Pigs are incredibly smart and clean animals, making potty training typically pretty simple. With some consistency, your pig should be potty trained pretty quickly. We found that potty training Popcorn was quite a bit easier than potty training our dogs! You can train your mini pig to go potty outside, or inside in a litter box. We decided to use a litter box for Popcorn.

When you first bring your pig home, set them up to succeed. Don’t allow your pig to have full range of your home and not have accident. By confining your new mini pig to a small space, you’re encouraging your pig to make positive decisions like learning to use the litter box. Decide carefully where you first put your pig’s litter box, because once they learn to potty in that area, they will continue to go there even if you move the box later on.

Your mini pig’s confinement area should only be used when you need to leave your pig unattended, or unable to supervise them. When your mini pig is out of the confined area and spending time with you, you should take him to his potty area often. Young piglets can’t fully control their bladder until they are around a year old, so be consistent. Use a command word, such as “go potty”, each time you put your mini pig in their litter box. Popcorn’s confined area is an XL dog crate in our living room. The front of the crate is filled with blankets and the back is his litter box. He quickly learned that his blankets were for snuggles, and his box was for his potty. Some pet owners cringe at crate training, but when used properly, crates can make life easier and safer for both people and animals. Crates should not be used as punishment, and most pigs enjoy having their own space.

You do not need to reward your pig with treats for going potty in the litter box. Pigs are naturally clean animals, and soiling in a similar spot is natural for them. Did you know mother pigs make a “litter box” for her piglets in their pen, teaching the piglets to go potty in one area? By rewarding this natural behavior with treats, you are taking away their natural instincts which could make potty training more difficult.

Once your mini pig is consistently using the litter box to potty, you can slowly increase their confined area. If your pig starts having accidents again, simply put them back in a smaller space and try again.

How to litter box train a mini pig:

What can be used as a litter box for a pig?
We use an 18 gallon black tote with the side cut out of it. You can use sweater boxes, under the bed boxes, cement boxes, or even plastic kid pools. The choice is yours, as long as it has a side low enough for your pig to enter and exit.

What should the litter box be filled with?
Do not use kitty litter, as it can clump inside your pig and cause a blockage. Don’t use cedar shavings, either, as it’s really not safe for most animals. We use Tractor Supply Equine Pine Pellets because its practically odorless, easy to clean up, and inexpensive.

Where should the litter box be?
Your mini pig’s litter box should be confined to a small area, such as a small bathroom or XL dog crate. Choose where you’ll put the litter box carefully, because your pig will continue to go to the bathroom in that spot even if you move the box.

When should you put your mini pig near it’s litter box to potty?
When your piglet wakes up, even if from a quick nap on your lap
When your piglet finishes eating and drinking
Every 1 hour during the day, slowly increasing as your piglet learns more control over their bladder

How do you reward your mini pig for going potty?
You do not need to give your pig treats, as it disrupts their natural instincts. Use the command “go potty” each time you put your pig near their box, and say “good potty!” with enthusiasm when they do go potty.

how to potty train a mini pig